School Library

The Learning Resource Centre can be found on the North side of the school.  The Library is open Monday - Thursday 7.45am - 3.45pm and Friday 7.45am - 3.30pm.

The Library is also open during break and lunch times for homework, research, reading and book quizzes.

There are seven desktops and 18 laptops available for use and all have internet access.

We have a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books for all students regardless of year group to borrow.


Accelerated Reader

Here at St Martin’s every student in Years 7 and 8 will take part in the Accelerated Reader Programme.  After initially taking a STAR reading test to gauge their reading and comprehension skill, the students will then be monitored after reading each book by taking a short computer quiz to check their understanding before being able to progress through the relevant book levels.

Every student in Years 7, 8 and 9 will also take part in DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) for 20 minutes each day.  Students within these year groups will need to have a school library book with them every day, as DEAR time can fall in any lesson throughout the week.

Students in Years 7 and 8 will also have a fortnightly reading lesson within the library with the librarian, who will be able to advise on reading material, monitor progression and help to improve skills they already own.

During the two years students have library lessons there are a collection of badges which they can earn by reaching an assortment of targets, ranging from how many words they have read to become word millionaires, or maybe by hitting their targets with DEAR time, and as a class working well together to gain Masterclass standard as recognised by Renaissance Learning.