More Able

All students have a right to be stretched and challenged. This includes those who are particularly able in certain subjects or have a wider potential for outstanding educational achievement. Students with exceptional ability may require additional provision, both in lessons and beyond, to achieve success in line with their potential.

We recognise that strategies used for raising standards for the most able students will help raise standards for all. This is done by nurturing independence, ambition and drive in our students and we therefore set our sights high and encourage our students to do the same. Both class work and homework is personalised to suit the abilities of all our students. In order to cater for our ‘most able’ learners we have introduced extension tasks; offering learners additional challenge within lessons, directed independent learning; encouraging St Martin’s students to independently extend their own studies outside of lessons, and stretch and challenge activities; which ensure that all students are sufficiently challenged in every lesson. 

Outside of the classroom there are opportunities for our 'most able' learners to extend their skills through extra-curricular clubs, trips and workshops.