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Full details of public and internal examinations can be found in this section of the website.

For specific enquiries please contact our Examinations Officer, Ms Carly Adams on 01277 238350 or Examinations Assistant Mrs Clare Bates on 01277 238 321 or via email at

Boards and Codes 


Summer 2019 Review of Results Form 
Summer 2019 BTEC Review of Results Form 
November 2019 - Resit Form
Admissions Test Entry Form 2019
2019-2020 Entry Form
NEA Appeal Form 2020
November 2019 - Review of Results Form
SPEP Entry Form 2020

JCQ Information for Candidates 


Results Days 2019 

  • Summer 2019 A Level Results = Thursday 15th August 2019 (North Hall at 8am - 9am)
  • Summer 2019 GCSE Results = Thursday 22nd August 2019 (North Hall at 8am - 9am)
  • November 2019 GCSE Results = Thursday 9th January 2020 (Exams Office)

Outside of these hours, Exam Results will be available from the Exams Office situated in the North building.  We cannot give results out over the telephone or by e-mail.  If you would like somebody to collect your results on your behalf, please provide the Exams Office with written authorisation in advance.

Review of Results  

Service 1 (clerical re-check)

This service constitutes a re-check of all clerical procedures, which lead to the issue of a result.  This service may be considered when anomalous results have been issued for one candidate, compared to the rest of the cohort.

The awarding bodies will ensure that all parts of the script have been marked and that the totalling and recording of marks is correct.

Candidates’ grades/uniform mark score (UMS) can go up or down.  The examination boards aim to complete the enquiry within 20 days of receiving the request.

Service 2 (review of marking)

This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly.  It is not a re-marking of the candidate’s script.

The awarding body will have trained its reviewers to conduct reviews of marking accurately and consistently.  Reviewers will not re-mark the script.

This service will include a clerical re-check detailed in Service 1 and a review of marking as described above.

Candidates’ grades/uniform mark score (UMS) can go up or down.  The examination boards aim to complete the enquiry within 30 days of acknowledging the request.

Priority Service 2 (review of marking)

This is a priority review of marking, the enquiry must relate to a GCE and where a candidate’s place in further/higher education depends on the outcome.

All applications not meeting the above criteria will be treated as normal Service 2 requests.

Candidates’ grades/uniform mark score (UMS) can go up or down.  The examination boards aim to complete the enquiry within 18 days of receiving the request.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

Components excluded from this ATS service have a report service.  Components may be excluded due to their ephemeral nature or due to other special characteristics.


Coursework, practical’s and NEAs cannot be reviewed. 


Refunds will only be issued if a re-mark leads to the change of an overall subject grade, not the unit.

Replacement Certificates 

Many employers & universities are insisting on seeing actual certificates for your qualifications.

If you have lost your certificates, you will need to complete an application form for each exam board and pay them directly. Each form will outline the cost involved but it is usually around £50 per certificate.

An alternative is to request a certified statement of results, but employers and/or universities may not be willing to accept them, so it is advisable to check first.

To apply for a replacement certificate or certified statement of results, simply visit the below web pages, depending on which exam board the subject was with, and follow their instructions for requesting replacement certificates.


Edexcel -

OCR - 

Student and Parent Guidance 


Y9 PPE Timetable 2019   
Y11 PPE Timetable - December 2020 - TBC
Y13 PPE Timetable - January 2020 - TBC
BTEC January 2020 Timetable - TBC
Y12 PPE Timetable 2020 - TBC
Y7 & Y8 PPE Timetable 2020 - TBC
Y10 PPE Timetable 2020 - TBC
Summer 2020 - Full Timetable - TBC