KS5 Curriculum

Whatever subjects are being studied in the Sixth Form, students will find that they will have to adapt to new ways of working. All post-16 courses involve a great deal more time, independence and organisation than the work done at GCSE.

They will find that staff treat them differently and that the approach within the classroom will be more interactive with students being expected to contribute to, and to lead, the learning process. The rest of the course requires students to work independently through private study.
Private study is vital and without it courses will not be completed successfully. It includes these activities:

  • Acquiring knowledge of the course, its structure and assessment patterns.
  • The acquisition of new subject knowledge.
  • The primary analysis and accommodation of knowledge.
  • The initial writing of notes.
  • Preparing for practical work.
  • Re-writing lesson notes.
  • Personal reflection, synthesis and review of previous learning.
  • Preparation for formal assessments.
  • The practising of skills.
  • Additional reading and research, including e-research.
  • The completion of formal "homework" & coursework tasks.
  • Preparing for employment and Higher education.
  • Undertaking Enrichment Activities.
  • Completion of Extended Project Qualification.


Although the amount of work set by staff will vary a little from week to week, students should aim to spend at least twenty hours of each week on private study. This can be undertaken in the Sixth Form Library, the Sixth Form Study Room or in the Common Room during school time when not in lessons, and also at home.
All students that enrol in the Sixth Form will be offered the opportunity to begin an Extended Project Qualification in Year 12.  Following taught skills lessons, students use timetabled lessons to begin their project.  Work continues over the summer break.