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Latest Sixth Form News Updates for Current Students

KEY DATES: SF Key Dates 2017-8

  • 16-27 April inclusive Yr12 PPE examinations
  • 7 June (rescheduled date)  Yr12 parent teacher consultation evening 4pm-6.30pm

Please see the link on 'Documents to Download' section for information on how to use the Report Online facility to view academic reports and live attendance data.  You can also use this to provide reasons for absence instead of writing a letter and sending it into school.   

Parents of students who were at St Martin's last year can use their log-in details already provided; students new to the school will have their details emailed in September.  If you have changed your password and forgotten it, please use the 'forgotten password' tab; if you have forgotten your username, please contact the Sixth Form Office (



St Martin's has a dress code for sixth form students - they should dress as if they were working in a formal office.  The dress code must be adhered to.  Failure to do so may result in the student being sent home to change into more appropriate clothing and/or footwear.  A copy of the dress code can be found here Dress Code 2017


Activities must relate to the core area in which they are recorded e.g.

  • Work related learning: these activities must involve students actively in experiencing the world of work.
    An eligible example is work experience in a local hospital or paid work in a supermarket.
    An ineligible activity is PSHE lessons about how to write a CV. Experience must show variety and must not all be from one paid employment.
  • Community Participation: these activities must be of clear benefit to others.
    An eligible example is volunteering at school or in their local community.
    An ineligible example is singing in a choir that has no voluntary or charitable purpose, cooking food for the family or babysitting for friends. 
  • Personal Development: these activities must be structured and hands on. Leisure activities, family holidays or household chores are not eligible. ·         An eligible example is learning to play a musical instrument or swimming for fitness once a week.
    An ineligible activity is swimming once with friends, attending a concert or festival, reading a book or going to an art gallery.   
  • Students must not count: ·  Leisure activities/family holidays/household chores e.g. played tennis with my brother, went on holiday, went to the theatre, visited the Tate Modern, made a meal for my family/ baked a cake for my friend     
  • Academic activities e.g. English/ biology field trip, research for the extended project, revision, extension classes/trips ·       
  •  PSHE activities e.g. learnt, in school, about my rights and responsibilities in the work place. Insight into Management course.      
  •  Preparation for university e.g. attended an Open Day at Manchester University, worked on my UCAS application, Higher Education Day, Superfair. 

Students must ensure that they either have 30 hours in all three sections or all 100 hours in only 2 sections.   Once they feel the diary is complete, they need to submit it following the procedure below:   When a student decides that their Enrichment Diary is complete, they can submit it to their Enrichment Supervisor. Students will be asked to complete a checklist when they submit their diaries to say that they have met the basic criteria. After submission, the Enrichment Diary is automatically locked, meaning they cannot make any changes to it.


Year 13 students can apply for permission to park on site. They need to complete a special request form signed by the student and parent, and provide copies of their car insurance document and driving licence for the Head of Sixth Form to grant permission (at her discretion).  If permission is given, a parking permit will then be generated and must be displayed on the vehicle's dashboard every time the vehicle is parked on site.   NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARK ON SITE WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION FROM THE HEAD OF SIXTH FORM

It must be stressed that parking on site is a privilege, not a right, and the school cannot guarantee a car park place as priority must be given to staff and visitors. The permission can be revoked if students do not adhere to the strict rules as detailed in the request form (available from the Sixth Form Office).  

If students choose to park off site on local roads, we encourage all students to park responsibly being mindful of not blocking driveways and access to local residents.


It has come to our attention that the discounted train fare scheme may not be operational since the recent change by the train companies locally to Transport For London.  However, we recommend students contact their local train ticket office to see what discounts are available, maybe an Oyster card, or Young Persons Railcard may be suitable etc.


The School operates a cashless-catering system when students wish to purchase refreshments. Every student will have their 'fingerprint' registered at the start of term, and money can be added to their account either through the vending machines situated in the Common Room/North Hall, or via the internet using  

New students from other schools will have their username and password advised to them at the beginning of term; students previously at St Martin's in Year 11 can use their existing details.  If parents have forgotten their password, they can just enter your user name on the website and click on 'forgotten password'.  Details on this facility can be downloaded from the Documents to Download page.

When students leave, parents need to request refund of any outstanding balances BEFORE the student leaves in July, as once the academic year has finished the account is closed.  The cheque payment will be generated by the catering company, not the School.