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Head of Faculty - Miss R. Roberts

The Humanities Faculty is a dynamic and forward looking faculty, which is often at the forefront of new educational ideas and is a popular subject area for many pupils at GCSE and A Level.


Head of Department - Mr B. Williams

The Geography Department is the window to our changing world. From our small corner of St Martin’s we can glimpse and then study in depth issues such as our local environment, weather, where and how we live, issues of sustainability, the geography of crime and global issues such as natural hazards, climate change and disappearing rainforests. Geography is a popular subject at all levels and is enhanced by school based field work in Yr 7, a trip to Lille in year 8, visits to Walton on The Naze in Year 10, and a long weekend in North Devon in Yr 12. A 5 day Iceland trip in Yr 13 has also previously been run. Being such a varied, exciting and ever changing subject the Geography staff continue to use imaginative and challenging ways to explore the environments in which we live. 


Head of Department - Miss Ayesha Lamb

Key Stage Three: Students study key historical skills, with a focus on Chronology and Evidence in year 7, studying Roman through to medieval Britain.  In year 8 depth studies on the Reformation, Empire, and Industrial Revolution. In year 9 students prepare key skills for GCSE while studying 20th century Britain, and thematic studies of protest and the post war world.

Key Stage Four: We follow OCR Modern History B. This looks at the inter-war period 1918-1939.  The depth study is China in the twentieth century. At present, controlled assessment focuses on Germany 1918-1939.

Key Stage Five: Students follow the AQA History A level. This course is split into a depth study; The Cold War 1945-1990, and a breadth study; Challenge and Transformation, Britain c.1851-1964. Students choose their own coursework title from a range of specialist topics offered by our staff who act as coursework supervisors for students in year 13.


Head of Department - Mrs. V. Daly

The core aim of the P.R.E. Department is to encourage students to think critically and reflect on philosophical, religious and ethical issues that concern them and society.  Our vision is to have engaged students who can have a fluent and religiously literate discussion around challenging and controversial issues such as the death penalty, life after death and animal testing. Students are encouraged to develop and explain their own perspectives, through questioning and understanding the beliefs and practices of others, in order to analyse the impact of beliefs and their relevance to the society we live in today. All students study the full course GCSE which we begin preparing for in year 9.


Head of Department - Mr G Lambert

The Psychology Department offers students an exciting opportunity to study the science of the mind. This subject is one of the most popular A level subjects covering a range of theories rooted in core scientific method and research. This is a subject that is highly relevant to our lives, offering a captivating perspective on human behaviour and thinking. Knowledge of Developmental, Cognitive, Biological and Social Psychology is valued by universities and transferable across many high profile industries including law and medicine. Students will be provided with many learning opportunities including the process of designing and carrying out their own research and developing critical thinking skills. High standards of teaching and learning make this a highly effective department with students feeling part of a successful and supportive community.


Head of Department - Miss R. Roberts

Sociology is a highly successful and popular subject at both GCSE and A Level. GCSE Sociology results are typically well over 80% A*-C at GCSE and over 50% A*-B at A level. Students at GCSE and A level are able to develop their understanding of how our society works and how we are shaped by the world around us. Students examine the impact of social issues such as Crime, Education, Family and Power. Sociology is a subject which encourages discussion and debate and promotes a mature outlook on our society. GCSE and A level students are often those interested in pursuing careers in law, policing, journalism, teaching and local government.

Government and Politics

Head of Department - Miss R. Roberts

Government and Politics is a popular subject offered at A Level. Students at AS level examine the political systems within the UK including the workings of Parliament, the roles and powers of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, political parties and pressure groups. At A2 level, students examine the political ideologies including Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism and current political issues including the economy, education, environment and ethnicity and gender. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate political issues and contemporary political events.