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Courses offered for September 2018:

Once we have received applications by the 1 February 2018 deadline, we will set up our option blocks.  If an applicant's preferred subject combination does not fit, we will contact them for an Advice & Guidance meeting in March and April. 

Route 1 and Route 2:  

Three subjects must be chosen, each from a separate block.  
Those choosing Further Maths in block A will automatically have Maths A Level included in their choice and therefore should choose two other subjects (not Maths) - one from block B and one from block C.    A reserve subject should also be chosen.    
Route 1 is A Levels only.
Route 2 is a combination of both A Level and at least one BTEC subject.


Route 3 :  

One or two BTEC subjects to be chosen.  This pathway will include relevant work experience alongside studying for two BTECs.

Subjects Arranged by Faculty (these are NOT the option blocks): 

English Enrichment Courses
  • English Language 
  • English Literature 
  • Media Studies (BTEC)
  • Accredited Enrichment (Core)
  • Extended Project Qualification (Core)
Humanities International Communications
  • Geography
  • Politics
  • History
  • Psychology 
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Business Studies 
  • French
  • Information Technology (BTEC)
  • Economics 
  • German
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies (BTEC) both Extended
Leisure & Arts Mathematics
  • Art & Design 
  • Drama & Theatre Studies
  • Music 
  • Photography
  • Physical Education
  • Sport & Exercise Science (BTEC)
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
Science Technology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Health & Social Care (BTEC)
  • D&T Product Design
  • D&T Textiles


Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form English courses we have to offer at St Martin’s for September 2018:

English Language - A Level

English Literature - A Level

Media Studies BTEC

2017 Summer Support - work to be done during summer holidays

(Eng Lang = En, Eng Lit = El, Media Studies = Ms)











Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form Mathematics courses we have to offer at St Martin’s:

Maths - A Level

Further Maths - A Level

For additional information please also see the KS5 section of the mathematics pages.

2017 Summer Support - for 2017 summer holiday work. (Further Maths is included in the Maths document)



Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form Science courses we have to offer at St Martin’s for September 2018:

Biology - A Level

Chemistry -  A Level

Physics - A Level

Health & Social Care - BTEC

2017 Summer Support for 2017 summer holiday work





Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form Design & Technology courses we have to offer at St Martin’s for September 2018:

D&T Product Design - A Level

D&T Fashion and Textiles - A Level

2017 Summer Support for 2017 summer holiday work

(Textiles = Tx)



Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form Humanities courses we have to offer at St Martin’s for September 2018:

Geography - A Level

History - A Level

Philosophy - A Level

Politics - A Level

Psychology - A Level

Sociology  - A Level

2017 Summer Support for 2017 summer holiday work

(Geography = Gg, Govt & Pol = Gp, History = Hi, Psychology = Pi, Philosophy = Py)












International Communications 

Leisure & Arts 

Please see the following list of PDF downloads for outlines of the Sixth Form Leisure and Arts courses we have to offer at St. Martin’s for September 2018:

Art & Design - A Level

Drama & Theatre studies - A Level

Music - A Level

PE - A Level

Photography - A Level

Sport BTEC 


2017 Summer Support for 2017 summer work

(Art = Ar, Drama =Dr, Music = Mu, PE = Pg)





Wider Opportunities 

The Sixth Form at St  Martin's School is committed to promoting personal development by giving its students the opportunity to take responsibility and to demonstrate leadership and other skills that are so attractive to future employers and universities.

The Sixth Form Enrichment programme encourages and supports students in developing their whole school community contribution and personaldevelopment, but it is unlikely that a student will gain all their valuable experiences solely through activities completed in school.

Studying at Sixth Form level seeks to prepare young people for the transfer into Higher Education and employment by proving a framework within which they can explore personal interests and aspirations with regard to future career choices.  Early in Year 12 an extensive Higher Education programme encourages students to research alternative choices and develop personal aims.  Higher Education conferences and other activities, such as university taster courses, inform students and parents of the university application process and supports students in successfully securing an appropriate Higher Education placement.  Similar support is available for those intending to enter employment directly from school and the Sixth Form works closely with their careers advisor to assist students in identifying suitable career opportunities and in making successful applications.

There are many opportunities for students to become active members of both the school and the wider community either through direct involvement or by supporting Sixth Form activities to raise funds for charities such as LEPRA, MacMillan and UNICEF.  Many students give their time supporting the work of the Sixth Form, perhaps through the Sixth Form Council, or assisting younger students by working with Form and teaching groups or as student-mentors.  In addition, the School is delighted to support student involvement in schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme and World Challenge.

Personal Development comes in many forms.  For some this means taking the lead in organising a Sixth Form /School, club or other activity; for others it will include sport participation and coaching or involvement in artistic performances.  Developing an awareness of world issues is a key theme of personal Development in the Sixth Form at St Martin's School and young people are challenged to think beyond their personal experience and develop an informed understanding of local, national and international issues.  The series of Sixth Form Conferences, or 'Focus Days' present students with scenarios addressing dilemmas from areas of science, the arts, politics, belief systems and industry.  The annual Insight Into Management Conference provides an extended experience of the work environment from within a structured, stimulating but enjoyable framework.  The Sixth Form PSHE programme provides information for young people as they develop into responsible adults through a programme of sex and health education, economic awareness and personal safety, particularly in relation to driving.