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Year 8

For pastoral care, St Martin’s is divided into four houses, namely Roman, Quinlan, Hunter and Becket. Year 7 pupils are allocated to one of these four houses. These forms are of mixed ability.

The Head of Year 8 is Miss M Casey

Year 8 Administrator, Mrs K Carter who can be contacted directly on 01277 358361 and can also be contacted by email:

Mrs Carter  will be able to deal with some queries directly or pass them on to the appropriate member of staff, e.g. Miss Casey, who will then contact you to discuss the matter further.

Year 8 communication to parents 

Information about year 8:

Below are instructions for how your child can access the school network from home:

Homework Timetable:

Information ragarding the Parent Teacher Consultation evening:

Details of changes to the way your child is assessed in school:

Letter about Essex County Council commissioned new programme to educate, inform and reduce risktaking amongst young people:

Information regarding the school policy on students recording homework:

Xplore club for year 7 and 8:

Information regarding the Scholastic book club:

Information regarding reports:

Year 8 Examination Information 

Information to follow.

Year 8 Subject Communications 

Previous Trips 


For Trips please see the Forthcoming Trips & Visits page