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Teaching & Learning

We have 292 pupils in each group of the main school, divided into 12 form groups.  Pupils have five, one hour lessons per day.  We operate a two-week timetable which means pupils have 50 one hour lessons in a fortnightly cycle.

The curriculum is designed to be broad-based and balanced, to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, intellectual and physical development of our students and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  We also promote British values, for example democracy and the rule of law.

In order that students are academically stimulated and encouraged to achieve their individual best from the moment they join us, we place them in banded sets. Year 7 banding is based on their performance in Key Stage 2 SATs exams, information from primary schools and scores achieved in the tests taken in July at St Martin’s School.

Banded setting is a system of grouping students which gives them an appropriate level of academic challenge and support.  Their individual progress will be continuously monitored and limited movement to a higher or lower banded set will be made when appropriate.

Homework makes an important contribution to academic progress.  Students will receive various amounts of homework depending on their stage and age.  This is recorded by the students in their School Planners.  Through homework, students learn to work independently, develop organisation skills and take responsibility for their own learning.  Homework is used to consolidate previous, extend current and prepare for future learning.  Every pupil is issued with a homework diary which parents inspect and sign weekly to confirm the pupil is accurately recording the time spent on homework.

We expect pupils to work hard in every lesson at St Martin’s.  We track individual pupil and year group ATL (attitude to learning) closely.  By working and receiving high quality teaching, pupils will make strong progress towards their target grades. This will allow all pupils to thrive and be ready for their next stage of their learning journey post 16.

The principles below are designed to capture the key ingredients of what excellent teaching and learning looks like. We obviously would not expect to see all principles in one lesson, but the majority would be present in a series of lessons.

Teaching And Learning Principles 

These can be viewed by downloading the following document:

Examination Courses 

Details of all examination courses followed at KS4 and 5 and can be found here.

Additional Information 

The content of the school’s curriculum in each academic year for every subject can be found here

Details of the curriculum being followed by the current year 10 can be found here.

The current schedule for school assemblies can be found here.

The School Day  
Start of School 8:25am
Tutorial Period 8:30am
Period One 8:55am
Period Two 10:00am
Morning Break 11:00am
Period Three 11:25am
Period Four 12:30pm
Lunch Break 1:30pm
Period Five 2:15pm
End of School 3:15pm