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The Program of Study and Key Examination Dates

Year 7 topics 2021-22

Year 7, Autumn term
  1. Safety
Safety in the lab
9 lessons
Safety in the lab/ using equipment see the scheme of work for details
  1. Cells and the Body
A – Cells
C – Muscles and Bones
18 lessons
Cells organs and tissues
 muscles, fitness, skeleton, drugs
  1. Particle Model and Separation
G – The particle Model
E – Mixtures and Separation
14 lessons
SLG, Movement of particles
Mixtures and separation
Year 7, Spring term
  1. Energy and Electricity
I – Energy
J – Current Electricity
12 lessons
Energy, Fuel, Transfers, Resources
Electricity, Switches, Series/Para
  1. Reproduction and Ecosystems
B – Sexual Reproduction in animals
D – Ecosystems
14 Lessons
Organs, pregnancy, gestation, growing
Variation, adaptations, effects, energy
  1. Acids and Elements
F – Acids and Alkalis
H – Atoms, elements and molecules
10 lessons
Indicators, acidity, neutralisation, danger
Air, earth, metals/non, compounds, reactions
Year 7, Summer term
  1. Forces and Space
K – Forces
8L – Space
14 lessons
Forces, springs, friction, pressure, arrows.
  1. Investigations
Hockey, Meteor, mixture mix up, rusty nails, shark attack, woodlice

Year 8 topics 2021-22

Year 8, Autumn term
  1. Food and Breathing
8A – Food and Nutrition
8C – Breathing and respiration
15 lessons
Diet, Digestive system, enzymes, Digestion
Breathing system, gas exchange,  anaerobic and aerobic, performance
  1. Combustion and Rocks
8E – Combustion
8H - Rocks
10 lessons
Conservation of mass, fuels, safety, pollution
Types of rock, weathering, erosion
  1. Sound and Light
7L – Sound
8J – Lights
11 lessons
Waves, travelling through different media, speed, hearing, the ear
Reflection, refraction, colour, lenses
Year 8, Spring term
  1. Plants and Microbes
8B – Plants and their reproduction
8D – Unicellular Organisms
12 lessons
Classification, pollination, dispersal, germination
Diffusion, Fungi, Bacteria, Protoctists, carbon cycle
  1. Metals and the Periodic Table
8G – Metals and their uses
8F – The periodic table
12 lessons
Properties, corrosion, reaction with water and acid, alloys
Dalton, Mendeleev, trends, the atom
  1. Fluids and Energy
8I – Fluids
8K – Energy Transfers
11 lessons
Particle model, pressure, drag, floating/sinking
Heating, insulation, power, efficiency, paying for energy
Year 8, Summer term
  1. Investigations
Bungee, burning candles, cupcake, huddling, lava flow, shipwrecked

Please note, students may not complete units in the order above due to teaching group rotations.
PPEs will take place after Easter: 19th-22nd April 2022
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