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Reading and resources list -  

1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603

Key texts for classroom and individual study

• C Lee, Britain, 1483-1529, Nelson Thornes, 2008
• R Carpenter, The Church in England and the Struggle for Supremacy, 1529-1547, Nelson
Thornes, 2009
• M Tillbrook, The Triumph of Elizabethan Britain 1547-1603, Nelson Thornes, 2009
• I Dawson, The Tudor Century, Nelson Thornes, 1993
Useful books for students
• D Murphy (ed), England 1485-1603, Collins, 1999
• N Fellows, Disorder and Rebellion in Tudor England, Hodder, 2009
• R Lockyer & D O’Sullivan, Tudor Britain 1485-1603, Longman, 1993
• K Randall, Henry VIII and the Government of England, Hodder, 2001
• K Randall, Henry VIII and the Reformation in England, Hodder, 2001
• J Warren, Elizabeth I: Meeting the Challenge, Hodder, 2008

Reference books

• G W Bernard, The Kings Reformation, Yale, 2005
• C Carpenter, The Wars of the Roses, CUP, 1997
• C S L Davies, Peace, Print and Protestantism, Paladin, 1995
• S Doran, Princes, Pastors and People, Routledge, 1991
• E Duffy, The Stripping of the Altars, Yale, 1992
• G R Elton, England Under the Tudors, Routledge, 1991
• A Fletcher & D MacCulloch, Tudor Rebellions, Longman, 2004
• Griffiths (ed), The Experience of Authority in Early Modern England, Macmillan, 1996
• S Gunn, Early Tudor Government, Macmillan,1995
• J Guy, Tudor England, OUP, 1998
• C Haigh, The Reign of Elizabeth, Macmillan, 1984
• C Haigh, English Reformations, Clarendon Press, 1993
• J Loach, The Mid Tudor Polity 1540-1560, Macmillan, 1980
• D Loades, The Mid-Tudor Crisis, 1545-1565, Palgrave, 1992
• D Loades, Politics and the Nation 1450-1660, Blackwell, 1999
• D M Palliser, The Age of Elizabeth, Longman, 1992
• A J Pollard, The Wars of the Roses, Macmillan, 1988
• J Scarisbrick, The Reformation and the English People, Blackwell, 1984
• A G R Smith, Emergence of A Nation State, Pearson, 1997
• P Thomas, Authority and Disorder in Tudor Times 1485-1603, CUP, 1999

Biographies and first-hand accounts

• S Chrimes, Henry VII, Yale, 1999
• D Cook, Sixteenth Century England Documents and Debates, Macmillan, 1980
• D Cressy & L Ferrell, Religion and Society in Early modern England A Sourcebook, Routledge, 1996
• R Horrox, Richard III, CUP, 1991
• D Loades, The Reign of Mary Tudor, Longman, 1991
• J Loach, Edward VI, Yale, 1999
• D Starkey & L Wooding, Elizabeth, Vintage, 2001
• L Wooding, Henry VIII, Routledge, 2009

Visual sources and websites
• The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth DVDs – D Starkey
• A History of Britain DVD – S Schama 

2R The Cold War, c1945–1991

Key texts for classroom and individual study

• J Aldred, Aspects of International Relations, 1945 – 2004, Nelson Thornes, 2009
• O Edwards, Access to History: The USA and the Cold War 1945-63, Hodder, 2002
• S Phillips, The Cold War in Europe and Asia, Heineman, 2001
• K Rogers and J Thomas, The Cold War, Pearson, 2008
• D Williamson, Access to History: Europe and the Cold War 1945-1991, Hodder, 2006

Useful books for students

• G S Barrass, The Great Cold War, Stanford University Press, 2009
• R Croackatt, The Fifty Years War, Routledge, 1995
• John Lewis Gaddis, The Cold War, Penguin, 2007
• Isaacs and Downing, The Cold War: For Forty-five Years the World Held its Breath, Abacas, 2008
• B Lightbody, The Cold War (Questions and Analysis in History), Routledge, 1999
• J Mason, The Cold War: 1945-1991 (Lancaster Pamphlets), Routledge, 1996
• T Judt, Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, Vintage, 2010

Reference books

• S Ambrose, Rise to Globalism; American Foreign Policy since 1938, Penguin, 2012
• A Applebaum, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-56, Penguin, 2013
• M Dobbs, One Minute To Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War, Arrow, 2009
• N Ferguson, Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, Penguin, 2009
• J Fenby, Alliance: The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another, Pocket Books, 2008
• J L Gaddis, We Now Know, Rethinking Cold War History, Clarendon Press, 1998
• R Garthoff, Détente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to Reagan, Brookings Institution Press, 1994
• W, LaFeber, America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-2002, McGraw-Hill, 2002
• J Mann, The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan: A History of the End of the Cold War, Penguin, 2011
• S M Plokhy, Yalta: The Price of Peace, Viking, 2011
• V Sebsetyen, Revolution 1989: The Fall of the Soviet Empire, Vintage, 2010
• F Taylor, The Berlin Wall: 13 August 1961 - 9 November 1989, Bloombury Publishing, 2009
• M Walker, The Cold War and the Making of the Modern World, Vintage, 1994
• Westad The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times, CUP, 2007
• V Zubok, Inside the Kremlin's Cold War: From Stalin to Khrushchev, Harvard University Press, 1997
• M Zubok Vladislav, A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev, University of North Carolina Prerss, 2008

Document Collections (see also web sites)

• J M Hanimaki and O Westad, The Cold War: A History in Documents and Eyewitness Accounts, OUP, 2004

Biographies and first-hand accounts

• R Nixon, Memoirs, Simon and Schuster, 1981
• Gorbachev, Memoirs, Doubleday, 2007
• R Kennedy, Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis, WW Norton, 2002
• H Kissinger, White House Years, Simon and Schuster,1979
• H Kissinger, Years of Upheaval, Simon and Schuster, 1982

Visual sources and websites

• S Khrushchev, Drawing the Curtain: The Cold War in Cartoons, Fontanka, 2012 /SPECIALS/cold.war/