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16-19 Tuition Fund

What is the 16-19 tuition fund?

The 16-19 tuition fund is one off funding for the 2020/21 academic year that is ring fenced for Sixth Form colleges to support students and mitigate disruption to learning arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding is being used to provide small group tuition for 16-19-year olds where their learning has been disrupted and they have a GCSE Maths and / or English grade of 4 or below. Although targeted students are identified based on their prior attainment in English and Maths, the funding can be used to support students in their learning across a variety of subjects.

Examples of disruption that these students have face / will face include assessments being deferred due to lockdown or self-isolation, falling behind in their learning due to long / multiple periods of self-isolation and not being able to complete external examinations due to positive COVID-19 cases.

How will St Martin’s Sixth Form use the funding?

At St Martin’s Sixth Form we intend to utilise the funding to provide additional support to small groups of students (3-5) that have not yet achieved a grade 5 in maths or English. Within this cohort targeted student intervention will be focused on as follows:

  • Students that have yet to achieve a grade 4 in English and/or Maths
  • Students that have yet to achieve their grade 5 in Maths

We intend to use the fund as follows:

  • Purchase bespoke resources for students targeted in the tuition catch up and use these to support their learning
  • Run additional small group classes for these students during the school day and as twilight sessions