Exam Results & Performance

** Please Note: Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years**

KS4 performance tables are published and updated by the government each year. The most recent data for St Martin’s School for both Key Stage 4 and 5 can be found at:

St Martin's School

Key Stage 4

The data below shows the performance of our 2021/22 Year 11 cohort compared with Essex schools and National data:











The local authority (Essex) average score for state-funded schools is -0.21

Attainment 8


 % of Pupils that achieved a Grade 5 or above in English & Maths


% of Pupils staying in education or entering employment





A results breakdown by subject can be found under the “Examinations” area of the website

Key Stage 5


Average Results


A results breakdown by subject can be found under the Examination area of the website