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  • 12/12/17

    Updated Year 11 PPE timetable. 

    The Year 11 PPE timetable has been updated to rearrange the missed examinations from Monday 11 December. Please look at the timetable in the exams section. Students and Parents should also log on to Insight to check details such as seat numbers and venue
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  • 11/12/17

    Tuesday 12 December - School is open as normal.

    School will be open on Tuesday as normal. Please wear sensible footwear and stick to the gritted paths. More information about rescheduling of Mocks will follow tomorrow but whatever your timetable says for tomorrow is what you will have. Thank you
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  • 10/12/17

    Monday 11 December -  School is closed due to adverse weather conditions.

    Mr O'Sullivan: 'I’m concerned about the safety of students and staff. Especially on the journey to school. I’ve reluctantly taken the decision to close the school. We anticipate opening again on Tuesday'
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  • 08/12/17

    Arrangements in case of severe weather

    If heavy snow or other severe weather results in dangerous conditions, the Head Teacher may decide not to open the school. We will announce this through two platforms: Post information on our website: this will appear as soon as you open the website. Twitter  - https://twitter...
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  • 04/12/17

    Year 7 Reports 

    To assist our Year 7 parents with the recent reports that were issued, please click the link below: Year 7 Curriculum Evening 4 OCTOBER 2017 This can also be found in the Pastoral Care section of the website under Year 7, Communication to Parents
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  • 09/11/17

    Sixth Form Open Evening

    The Sixth Form Open Evening is to be held next Wednesday, 15 November between 3pm-4.30pm for current St Martin’s students and 5pm-7pm for students from other schools.  Please use the booking facility to reserve your place at the presentations. Book Here. Information of courses and su...
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  • 28/09/17

    Sixth Form 2018 Applications

    The application process is now open. The application, subject entry criteria and options blocks can be found in the Applying for a Place section of the Sixth Form area. The open evening is Wednesday 15 November 2017 - 3pm to 4.30pm for current St Martin's students; 5pm to 7pm for students fro...
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  • 21/09/17

    Second Hand Uniform Shop - Opening times

    The second-hand uniform shop will be open as follows: 7.00 - 7.45pm Tuesday 3 October Wednesday 1 November Wednesday 6 December Wednesday 3 January 2018 1.30 - 2.15pm Wednesday 11 October Tuesday 7 November Wednesday 13 December
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  • 19/09/17

    Summer 2017 Exams - Letter of Congratulations from Director of Education

    Letter of congratulations in respect of exam results achieved by St Martin’s School this summer.
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  • 05/09/17

    St Martin's Open Evening

    Thursday - 12th October 2017
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  • 05/09/17

    Secondhand Uniform Shop

    The secondhand uniform shop will be open on Wednesday 6 September from 7.00-7.45pm and on Wednesday 13 September from 1.30 - 2.15pm.
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  • 24/08/17

    GCSE Results 24 August 2017​​​​​​​

    GCSE Results Headlines
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