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St Martin's School mid-year Admission Form

Section 1 – Student details

Is the child still attending?*

Section 2 – Home address

Section 3 – Parent/Carer details

Please select one of the following*

Section 4 – Reasons for change of school

Providing us with the following details is purely for our records and will not affect your child being offered a place

New address if different to Section 2 (please attach copies of proof of address (e.g. Exchange of Contract or signed tenancy agreement)

Do you currently have a child on roll at St Martin’s?*
Does your child have a statement of Special Educational Needs?*
Is your child cared for by a Local Authority?*
Has he/she previously been a looked after child?*
Are there any exceptional medical reasons for your child?*

Section 5 – GCSE subjects


Section 6 – Other information