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External Sixth Form Admissions

Official Sensitive

Any information provided in this form will not affect the offer of a place. Any personal data entered on this form may be held on computer files.

Brentwood Academies Trust T/A St Martin’s School fully complies with information legislation.

For full details on how we use your personal information please see our online privacy notice or call 01277 238303 if you are unable to gain access to the internet.


Primary Contact

Contact Details

Parental Responsibility*

Secondary Contact

Contact Details

Parental Responsibility

Parental Information

Are there any court orders in place that affects the student?*

Service Children in Education Indicator

Please indicate if the student has a parent or parents who are Service Personnel Category 1 or 2 serving in regular HM Forces military units of all forces or in the Armed Forces of another nation and stationed in England and is exercising parental care responsibility.*

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Children in Care

Does the child have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan?*
Is your child ‘Looked After’ by the Local Authority?*
Has this child ceased to be looked after due to Adoption, Residence Order or Special Guardianship Order?*

Medical Details

Care plan needed? - If Yes, please provide relevant documentation*

Additional Information

I give permission for my child’s photo to be taken and used on the school website/press releases and twitter posts.*
I give permission for my child’s photo to be taken and used for internal use, for example, displayed in a classroom, alongside a piece of work, but not on social media or websites.*
I give permission for the named student to leave early after their last timetabled lesson*

Note:some students will find that their lessons may end earlier than a normal school day and students with parental permission are allowed to sign out and leave site early if they chose to do so

If there is any additional information that you feel the school should be aware of, please upload the details below, for example: family circumstances, recent bereavements, individual needs (if you have given previous details with an older sibling please re-state these).*

Ethnic background information form


Please study the list below and tick one box only to indicate the ethnic background of the child named above. Please also tick whether the form was filled in by a parent.

Asian or Asian British
Black or Black British
This information was provided by:*

Please tick ONE of the following categories which you feel best describes the religion of your child

Religion of Student*

(Any information you provide will be used solely to compile statistics on the school careers and experiences of pupils from different ethnic backgrounds, to help ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. These statistics will not allow individual pupils to be identified. From time to time the information will be passed on to the Local Authority and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) to contribute to local and national statistics. The information will also be passed on to future schools, to save it having to be asked for again.)