Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Head of Department – Mr D Shoker

The core aim of the P.R.E. Department is to encourage students to think critically and reflect on philosophical, religious and ethical issues that concern them and society.  Our vision is to have engaged students who can have a fluent and religiously literate discussion around challenging and controversial issues such as the death penalty, life after death and animal testing. Students are encouraged to develop and explain their own perspectives, through questioning and understanding the beliefs and practices of others, in order to analyse the impact of beliefs and their relevance to the society we live in today. All students study P.R.E. at Key Stage 3 and it is now an option subject at Key Stage 4. We also offer extra-curricular opportunities such as the Candle Conferences GCSE revision conference and A level Philosophy revision webinars.


At Key Stage 3 we address philosophical questions such as ‘what is a person?’ and ‘how free are we?’. We also study a range of religions including Hinduism and Islam. Finally, we explore ethical issues such as discrimination and the use of punishments in society.


We follow the full course AQA Religious Studies A specification at GCSE. This includes a range of ethical topics relating to issues such as crime and punishment, peace and conflict and religion and science. We also study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam in detail.

KS5 information

Our A level students study the AQA A Level Philosophy syllabus. This covers a wide range of philosophical questions including ‘what is the mind?’, ‘can we prove that God exists?’, ‘what is knowledge?’ and ‘how can we know right from wrong?’.

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