Music Technology


Edexcel A Level Music Technology 9MT0

Music Technology has been running at St Martins since 2021, operating as a separate but complementary entity to A Level Music.  Where Music is about the analysis, performance and composition of Music, Music Technology is about the creation of Music for the modern world.  You do not need to have studied GCSE Music to access the Music Technology A Level, as the focus of this course is on recording, creating, editing, and mixing Music using Logic Pro X.  You can also study both Music and Music Technology simultaneously.

This exciting and stimulating course can be split into four key components:

  1. Demonstration of skills in setting up and recording using microphones, recording a cover of a famous pop song.  

  2. A composition that allows students to show what they can do with a Digital Audio Workstation, such as Logic Pro X.  

  3. The history of Music Technology and analysis of techniques in recorded music.

  4. A practical exam enabling students to demonstrate their editing skills under controlled conditions.

In order to to run this course, we have recently invested in some state-of-the-art equipment including thirteen brand new iMacs (all running Logic Pro X), a dedicated Mac Mini for the studio, an industry-standard condenser microphone, a set of Roland V-Drums, a Roland Juno synthesizer, a motorized studio desk, a set of AKG drum microphones and professional-quality studio monitors.

Music Technology and Music students often work together to assist each other in their coursework: Music students can perform on Music Technology projects, and Technology students can produce Music students’ projects.  This close-knit community often attend clubs, events and trips together to promote cohesion.