Head of Faculty - Miss N O'Hare

Welcome to the Mathematics pages.

We have collected together a range of information that we believe you will find useful. You will be able to see the general scheme of work for each year group, download relevant files and use selected links, all to support extended learning at home.

The Mathematics Faculty has an excellent track record in all key stages. We now deliver a two year Key Stage 3 so that pupils can consolidate learning more in Key Stage 4. We expect hard work and dedication from our pupils and deliver good quality lessons which allow pupils to gain confidence and expertise in Mathematics.

The faculty of Mathematics at St Martin's School have a number of aims:

•   To set challenging targets with high expectations for all pupils.
•   To offer a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to engage and motivate pupils, requiring their active participation.
•   To smooth the transition for pupils between Key Stages and ensure progression in teaching and learning throughout their time at school.
•   To explore enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics.

At the end of his/her mathematical education in this school, each pupil will be able:
•   To perform basic numeracy skills
•   To perform the basic mathematical skills needed in his/her chosen career or for entry to higher or further mathematical education
•   To understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life
•   To reason clearly and logically, and to set out a rational argument
•   To identify patterns encountered in diverse situations and to extrapolate from these
•   To approach problems systematically, choosing appropriate techniques for their solution
•   To follow logical instructions clearly expressed
•   To experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of his/her mathematical achievements
•   To obtain any formal mathematical qualifications needed for his/her chosen career
•   To obtain his/her best possible results at KS3, KS4, AS/A Level & other Sixth Form courses.
In addition, we hope that pupils will acquire the logical abilities characteristic of a mathematician.

Please explore more of our pages for information on the curriculum at each key stage and the enrichment activities offered. 

You can also follow our twitter account @STMartinsMaths for regular information and news.

We have provided links to our Scheme of work below. Like many other schools around the country we are adapting a mastery style curriculum in a way which suits our intake.

To help you understand what your child will be learning we have included links to the schemes of work for each year group below. These documents are updated throughout the year and you can use these to support your child with any upcoming assessments.

The New Mathematics GCSE exam has also changed with a lot of new content and some previously higher only content now in the foundation tier. There are now three exam papers which must be sat in year 11. One exam paper is Non-calculator the other two are Calculator papers. The length of the exams can depend on the exam board. We currently looking to stay with our current provider Edexcel but may change this at a later date. Decisions about which tier your child will be entered for will be made in year 10 or 11.  GCSE Statistics is also offered in year 11 as an extra-curricular course.


Throughout the year, your child will be assessed on vital skills needed for the GCSE maths exams and general real-world problems. This on-going assessment will continue from y7 until y11 and we will be able to track the strengths and weakness in order to help your child make the required progress.

Pupils will be able to re-take assessments tests if they are deemed not secure in that particular skill. Obviously the more effort they put into their class work, homework and revision, the better they will do in the skills tests. 

At St Martin’s School we offer two options for study at A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. If the Further Mathematics course is studied, then the student will have double the teaching time and will gain both the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-levels. The new Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level courses are taught from September 2017 and have their first examinations in summer 2019.

Below is a brief outline of the branches of mathematics that are studied over the two years.  Further mathematics students must learn all of the content below:

Maths A-Level

First Year
Pure Maths 1
Statistics 1 and 2

Second Year
Pure Maths 2
Mechanics 1 and 2 

Further Maths A-Level

First Year
FM Pure 1

Second Year
FM Pure 2
Second option under discussion


Past papers and additional resources can be accessed by the students on the I:drive.

We have high expectations of our AS and A2 students and some of these are:

  • Hand in all homework on time and completed with help from after school and lunchtime clubs (the students are informed of these in September).
  • Turn up for all lessons on time and concentrate throughout the lesson.
  • Participate in class, asking questions and using notes in your book to help with completing tasks.
  • When absent email your teacher to catch up on all work that was completed during the lesson and copy notes from another student.
  • Work through additional exercises from the book that match with the work from the lesson.

If you wish to help your child at home we recommend several online resources that are widely used around the country.

These are the three most popular websites.

  • – Mainly for KS3 and GCSE. It contains topic videos, GCSE practice questions and 366 days worth of 5-a-day questions to keep you child practising all year round. A Level resources are now being introduced.
  • – Good for GCSE and A Level. This site requires you to sign up for a free account but has a lot of topic videos and practice questions. Your child can sign up to a revision checklist and monitor their progress.
  • - Login: martins. Password: power. Lessons are useful for a review on the topic. Homework can be ‘done for fun’ by clicking next. This is great for assessment.

Other useful websites are listed below

Useful Websites
Revision resources
Revision resources and exam questions
Revision questions
Revision notes and some exam questions
Revision powerpoints
Lots of topic practice – excellent!

The Maths E-Book of Notes and Examples
 An e-textbook covering everything important for KS3/4 maths
 GCSE maths revision