Information Technology

Deputy Head of Faculty - Mr P Usher

Within Information Technology, we aim to develop our students to be able to access and work with a range of computer programmes to effectively solve problems, build solutions and present information in an appropriate way, using a range of technologies that include: -

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets – such as iPad’s.
  • VR technology
  • Along with a range of digital devices.

Each classroom is equipped with modern PC’s running Windows 10, and up to date software packages including Microsoft Office. We also have several programmes that support the making of animations, movie-making, developing websites as well as project management tools.

KS3 curriculum is broad, running from year 7 where it is built into the Technology curriculum, and then built upon in year 8 and year 9 where lessons are taught one every week.

Skills included for KS3 are creating animations, developing movie-making skills, building websites, spreadsheet design and analysis, along with two end of year projects.

Year 8 project is a typing development course that improves accuracy and speed of typing.

Year 9 project is the Idea Award, that runs at Bronze, Silver and Gold Standard, where students who achieve the standard, will gain a certificate from Buckingham Palace for the skills they have learnt.

The KS4 offer now looks at Digital Information Technology and is delivered via the Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology. This qualification is then built upon at KS5, where we deliver the BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology.