Head of Department - Mrs Julie Cooper

Key Stage Three: Students study key historical skills, with a focus on Chronology and Evidence in year 7, studying Roman through to medieval Britain.  In year 8 depth studies on the Reformation, Empire, and Industrial Revolution. In year 9 students prepare key skills for GCSE while studying 20th century Britain, and thematic studies of protest and the post war world.

Key Stage Four: We follow the AQA History GCSE course over 2 years, studying the following components; Germany 1890-1945, Conflict and Tension 1918-1939, Health and the People and Elizabethan England c 1568 -1603

Key Stage Five: Students follow the AQA History A level. This course is split into a depth study; The Cold War 1945-1990, and a breadth study;The Tudors ;England 1485-1603.Students choose their own coursework title from a range of specialist topics offered by our staff who act as coursework supervisors for students in year 13