Head of Department – Mrs S Allen

The Geography Department is the window to our changing world. From our small corner of St Martin’s we can glimpse and then study in depth issues such as the local and global environments, weather, where and how we live, issues of sustainability global issues such as natural hazards and climate change. Our lessons also take inspiration from current events such as the Russia/Ukraine conflict, migration and the history of the Palestine/Israel conflict.  Our students investigate plastic in our oceans and the disappearing rainforests looking at the human and physical impacts of this across the world.
During GCSE we focus on the challenge of natural hazards around the world, comparing and contrasting our world biomes as well as the issues and challenges of the growth of population in cities around the world.
Geography is an EBACC subject with very successful results over the last few years; an impressive 85% 9-4 last year(2021).  At A Level we focus on the subject in two branches, physical geography and human geography as well as pupils completing independent fieldwork research based on a residential trip. In physical geography pupils further their tectonic learning and are introduced to topics such as the carbon cycle and water insecurity. In human geography pupils focus on globalisation and the rise and fall of superpower nations and human rights, topics which are strongly linked to current affairs in the media. Our current ALPS score is 2 at A’Level.
Geography is a popular subject at all levels and is enhanced by school based field work in KS3 and an orienteering trip to Lee Valley in year 7, visits to Walton-on-the-Naze and Stratford in Year 10, and a 4 day fieldwork investigation in Devon in Year 12. Being such a varied, exciting and ever changing subject the Geography staff continue to use imaginative and challenging ways to explore the environments in which we live.