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Contextual Information for Higher Education Providers (2021)

COVID 19 implications for current cohort

Monday 23rd March, St Martins School closed due to Government guidelines.

Staff were required to upload online work and resources for students to complete remote learning and were communicating by email regularly.  However, no live teaching took place.  From 4th June, each subject offered a three hour ‘subject surgery’ for Year 12 students to attend to consolidate lockdown work – during this time remote work was still being set.  Students also all had a Zoom call from each of their subject staff to check understanding and completion of the work.  The work continued to follow the subject specification and primarily consisted of note taking and retrieval style tasks to check understanding.  Assessments are currently being completed in school to evaluate the success of the work covered during this period as UCAS predicted grades were decided using teacher discretion and assessments completed before March 2020.

All students had to check in with their tutors fortnightly and those that failed to do so were contacted by the sixth form team.  The sixth form team monitored the students during lockdown and asked for regular feedback from staff about the students progress and from this created an intervention group that we are working with during the autumn term.  Revision and catch up classes started on Monday 5th October for students to attend.