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Applying for a place


This form asks for personal contact details, current performance in the subjects studied at GCSE (“mock” examination results if known at that time) and information about the subjects students would like to study in the Sixth Form together with any longer term ideas they may have. For applicants who are not currently attending St. Martin’s School tours of the school are available with the opportunity to have a preliminary discussion about courses and the facilities the school has to offer. These “tours” take place during the Spring and Term and Mrs Power in the Sixth Form Office (Tel: 01277-238366) will be pleased to answer initial inquiries and make the necessary arrangements. Tours are held at 9.00am - 9.45am by appointment for small groups of students plus parents.

All applicants from other schools must provide a school reference: Once we have received their application, we will send back our personalised reference for the current school to complete.  This must be returned to us by the Induction Days in July in order to continue in the admissions process.

In March, based upon the information received, the Subject ‘Option Blocks’ are finalised in response to the choices of subjects made by students.  Applicants whose subject choices clash with the option blocks will be contacted to discuss their choices and receive further guidance and advice.  Following this, conditional offers will be made to successful students based on students gaining the required entry requirements as outlined.

There will be opportunities for students and their parents/carers to meet with members of the Sixth Form Management Team during March/April to discuss their course choices and to ask any questions they may have.  All applicants are welcome to come and meet the Head of Year and Head of Sixth Form, and there will be some other members of staff on hand to answer questions. This is NOT an open evening, merely a chance to ask questions you may have, give advice and guidance on subject choices, change subject choices and to discuss issues which may have arisen due to subject choices and the timetables - students will be informed prior to the drop in evenings if their subjects do not fit into the timetable and will be invited to arrange a specific time for a meeting. Dates TBC.

All students whose application was received before the 1 February deadline, will be invited to a taster programme by letter (a response is required).  It is an opportunity to trial A-Level lessons and other information gathering activities. It is an important element of the application process. This is the last opportunity to change course options before the release of GCSE results in August.  Applicants must advise their intention whether to attend the Taster Course by three weeks beforehand or a place may not be available for them.  The school reference must be provided by the Taster Course in order to continue in the admissions process.

Applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.  Should there be space in the Sixth Form after the GCSE results, additional applications will be considered at the end of August.  We will contact the applicants should their subject choices be available and request the student provide examination results before an offer of a place is made.

Places in the Sixth Form and course choices, are offered solely on the basis of GCSE Results and will be confirmed as soon as possible following their publication in August (this may take a few days to process). It is helpful if students are available to meet with staff following the results to discuss any necessary course changes.  If the student is on holiday during this time, it is imperative that we have a contact telephone number so the sixth form team can call to discuss options.  This contact number must be advised to us in writing before GCSE Results Day. 

All successful applicants will receive an email offering a place, confirmed following the GCSE Results Day, and the sixth form office must receive a confirmation email back from the applicant to secure their place or it may be offered to another applicant on the waiting list. 

Therefore if the student or their parent is on holiday at that time, they must ensure they have access to email

For students joining us from other schools, we will require them and a parent to attend the sixth form during the week before term starts to complete an admission form and have a photograph taken in order to complete their enrolment. Dates and times for these sessions will be advised on results day.

Summary of Provisional Dates for the Admissions Process for September 2021 entry: (these may change)
November 2020 - FEBRUARY 2021 Morning Tours 
1 February  deadline for enrolment form submission (application forms to be EMAILED only);
March/April - TBC

Advice & Guidance meetings 

June  email to applicants asking for  confirmation of attendance to the induction days - deadline for notification back to St Martin's is mid June or their place on the induction days may not be available for applicants.
July - TBC Taster Programme and last chance to change subject choices (students invited by letter - to be sent mid June) and submission of reference.  This is a vital element of the admissions process - 
TBC Results Day (results from students from other schools must be submitted by 1.30pm by email or in person;  an email with a scanned copy of the results as an attachment is acceptable)
20 August (TBC) onwards - Notification of Place. (This timing is approximate and places may be notified several days after this date).  Applicants must be able to access email during these days in order to confirm acceptance of their place by a date to be advised or it may be given to others on the waiting list; also they must be available to either meet in person or over the telephone following the results to discuss any course changes.  Students from other schools need to attend  with a parent during the week before term starts to complete the admission form and have a photograph taken.